Wondering how to tell an engaging refugee story? Here are a few different examples of refugee stories for inspiration. This is far from an exhaustive list, so we encourage you to do your own research based on your beat or coverage area.

Addresses questions of costs and economic benefits on a statewide level.

By David Templeton for the Sonoma Index-Tribune

Looks at ways émigré populations enrich their communities' cultures.

By Germán Fernández-Moores for the Houston Chronicle

Details the processes of moving and adjusting to life in America.

By Nada Hassanein for the Tallahassee Democrat

Clarifies processes related to refugee resettlement or other issues.

By Haeyoun Park and Larry Buchanan for The New York Times

Illustrates diversity of experiences by showcasing a refugee's unique story.

By Libor Jany for the Star Tribune

Addresses skepticisms about refugee issues and looks at the facts behind them.

By Jeff Burlew for the Tallahassee Democrat

Provides episodic coverage through stories, tweets and images as local issues occur.

By Dianne Solís, Julieta Chiquillo, Marc Ramirez, Robert Wilonsky and Tom Steele for The Dallas Morning News

Takes a different angle to refugee storytelling by using media in new ways.

By Erika Schultz and Lauren Frohne for the Seattle Times

Explains the significance of relevant statistics and/or data.

By Emily Nohr for the Omaha World-Herald